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Lumineers are an ultra-thin veneer of a unique porcelain called Cerinate which creates a beautiful smile through non-invasive means.

However some slight removal of non-sensitive tooth may be required. Fortunately this can be carried out painlessly without the need for anaesthetics. The process is fully reversible and the Lumineers can be removed at anytime.

They are used to increase the smile aesthetics dramatically providing a symmetrical pleasing smile.

Lumineers have a lifetime limited warranty which protects against product defects. The warranty requires regular checkups and cleanings.

All finished cases of Lumineers are provided with a validation certificate.

Before and After

Lumineers - Stained Teeth
Stained Teeth

Lumineers - Crooked Teeth
Crooked Teeth

Lumineers - Alternative to Braces
Alternative to Braces