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Cosmetics dentistry, specialising in improving the overall aesthetics of our teeth, has come out with a less costly way to have a beautiful smile: the Snap-on Smile.

Other cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve our teeth are whitening, bridges, and veneers among others. These procedures, however, are expensive and may require invasive surgery. Snap-on Smile is intended for those who want a beautiful set of teeth but are financially incapable to have other cosmetic dentistry services and to those who are phobic to invasive procedures.

Snap-on smile is a dental appliance that can be snapped on the teeth so one can show a perfect set of teeth and give a beautiful smile. It is made of a thin resin material but it is durable. There are 23 color shades and 18 designs of Snap-on Smile to choose from.

Snap-on Smile can be worn throughout the day, even when eating and drinking and needs to be removed only at night. With proper use and care Snap-on Smile would last for one to three years.